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Swansea - Local history

Libraries We have many resources available in Swansea libraries to help with research into family and local history.

Swansea - a brief history

The area around Swansea has been occupied for many thousands of years, with the oldest known human remains being the Red Lady of Paviland which have been dated …

A History of Swansea - An Encyclopedia of World History

A BRIEF HISTORY OF SWANSEA. By Tim Lambert. EARLY SWANSEA. Swansea was once called Sweins eg or ey, which means Swein's island. The island stood in the …

History of Swansea - Wikipedia

The recorded history of Swansea in Wales covers a period of continuous occupation stretching back a thousand years, while there is archaeological evidence of ...

Historic Swansea - welshwales.co.uk

The history of Swansea, Wales. From a pre-historic settlement and hideout for Viking invaders, to the home of the world's first railway service, Swansea, Wales has an ...
Swansea City AFC History

PUBLISHED. 12:32 15 May 2012. The full history of Swansea City Football Club